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Great Big Lake is a design company focused on artful and thoughtful design, creatively designing a unique and specialized solution based on the unique circumstances and environment that surrounds your business.

We primarily design websites and branding for professionals and small to medium sized businesses.

detail of City of Moscow website graphics
detail of Brent's Autoworks website


See our website design page for more details about our website creation process and fill out our “Website Project Questionnaire” if you are interested in an estimate.
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detail of Hanshaw Virtual University logo
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Branding | Graphic Design

Your brand is important. It is an expression of who and what your business is. Developing your identity, the right look and feel, and your story, your messaging, will help you stand out from the others in your field. If done well, over time, your branding efforts can help your audience become familiar with you and your quality products and trusted services. It can establish credibility, intimacy and trust with you customers. After all, your customers do not exist to buy from you rather you exist to provide value to them. Trustworthiness is vital. If you need a logo or other imagery for your business, please fill out our “Design Project Questionnaire. ” Read more about branding and see samples of logo design in our portfolio section.
detail of Zen-Sunflower website

Website Care Plans

Your website is the face of your company. It is a living, breathing entity that requires care and regular maintenance. See our website care plans page for more details.